8 Effective Local SEO Marketing Tips

Information technology has made the internet the most preferred platform for marketing and advertising of goods and services. This is because a lot of people have access to the internet worldwide for both personal as well as official purposes. Use of the internet include hosting websites, blog sites, e-mail services from a number of accessories such as desktop PC’s, laptop, notebook, mobile phones, smart phones, ipads etc. Such wide coverage makes the internet the fastest and cost effective way of marketing your company as well as advertising
your products.

Local SEO marketing is the likelihood of your website to be located and accessed easily by a large number of people efficiently and effectively.This is made possible by Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Search engines use an algorithm methodology to rank websites, the more visits or hits the higher the ranking. Effective Local SEO marketing makes the website both search engine friendly as well as user friendly.
For successful Local SEO marketing, each page in a website should have Good Content containing relevant information that briefly, concisely and accurately outlines all the necessary information. A lot of irrelevant content will fail to get the attention of a reader as well as the search engines. Each page should be distinctive even though the pages might contain related or similar information. Unique content is also desirable for Local SEO marketing. Most of the information in the internet is recycled and reused information making the rounds. Unique and fresh content that is exclusive will make an interesting read as well as getting hits easily hence effective Local SEO marketing

Local SEO marketing requires that the keywords to be used sparingly and not overstuffed. Overstuffing might make the article spammy to the search engines while few keywords might fail to get noticed. Rule of The thumb is that for use in Local SEO marketing, the distribution of the keywords should not go beyond 1% of the total word count. The title as well as sub titles should be appealing, catchy and not too long as well as related to the Keywords. The Website should apply Niche marketing in a bid to target a specific group of people or market. This will create a fully detailed website addressing the specific needs of the market.

Local SEO marketing recommends that the standard format of the URL Hierarchy should be adhered to. This is normally the title, page and domain, using a different format will lower its possibility of getting hits. The Links should be structured well for the effect of Local SEO marketing to be felt. Using hyphens, underscores as separators in URL, using valid codes and having one version of your homepage will make linking easy and quick for the search engines. The page design should be straightforward featuring short paragraphs, sub headings and bullet points. The pages should be Local SEO friendly e.g. use IIS redirect for windows and use Mod rewrite for Linux hosting.

Local SEO marketing used effectively and efficiently will certainly make the web pages and the website attract a lot of traffic which is beneficial to the company.

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